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Our Mission  is to provide competent, effective therapy, and model adherent DBT for individuals and families suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder and other Emotion Dysregulation Disorders. The clinical staff at the Ann Arbor DBT Center is specifically trained in DBT and is committed to ongoing training and educational pursuits to maintain a high level of effective service delivery.   Training Providers for the Treatment Team at the Ann Arbor DBT Center include:  Behavioral Technology Transfer LLC: Marsha Linehan PhD and all,  Portland DBT Institute, and  DBT Institute of Michigan.

The AADBT Center Treatment Team:  


Carol Hartford LMSW ACSW

Josephine Zolynsky  LMSW

Samantha Scherba LLMSW

Claire Beutler LLMSW

Cameron Etter LMSW

Laura Thomas LLMSW

Scott Fletcher LLMSW



Carol Hartford is intensively trained in DBT therapy by Marsha Linehan's training group; Behavioral Technology LLC. She is an original co-founder of the Ann Arbor DBT Center and is the team leader and supervisor for the treatment team. She is specifically trained in the application of DBT to Emotion Dysregulation Disorders, Substance Use Disorder and Eating Disorders. Carol was a DBT and Co-Occurring Therapist with Washtenaw County Community Mental Health from 2001 to 2010.   She was a part time instructor at Washtenaw Community College where she taught an introductory DBT course to licensed professionals.  Carol has provided training and consultation on DBT, Personality Disorders, Mindfulness, Co-Occuring Disorders and Motivational Interviewing at the local, state and national level.   She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers and has an ACSW credential.. Carol received her BSW from Eastern Michigan University in 1993 and her MSW from EMU in 2000 with a concentration in mental health/substance abuse.   


Cyndi is a Registered Play Therapist. She has completed specific

Lindan Lawson LMSW CSW Training Consultant

Valerie Blyskal  Office Manager, Billing Specialist



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